Meet the singafit team

Our Coaches are well equipped and trained in sports and development. Working closely with all our fitness and development coaches, Singafit has put together a methodology in teaching and developing sports for youth, allowing them to discover their passions through discovery and games. Our coaches are well versed in all of our sporting syllabus and session plans and are able to deliver it to the highest standards, aiming to give kids a fun and exciting experience at our kid's camps!  

Head Coach

Head Coach

Ray Yong

With tons of experience in kids development and training, Coach Ray contribute all his time in creating a fun and exciting curriculum to open the gateway for kids to get the best introduction to sports. With a strong knowledge, experience and background into many different sports, Coach Ray leads the Singafit Team with gusto as he ensures the coaches are all over-equipped to deliver the best standard in the camps.

If you seek the best person to ensure a smooth journey for kids into their sporting experience, Coach Ray is the man!

Bertille Tillot

With lots of passion for sports, Coach Bertille has scaled mountains, ran across deserts and shown many how to complete a 100KM race! Finding a way to pass on this passion of hers, Coach Bertille has dedicated her time and efforts to the youth! 

Alvin Leong

A fitness trainer & bodyweight calisthenics practitioner dedicated & motivated in pushing limits. This tough coach encourages kids to always do their best and keep moving forward. 

Erkin Lee

A young and enthusiastic coach that has a huge passion for Rugby!  This huge teddy bear is fun and cuddly while teaching and inspiring kids but stay away when you see him charging in the field!

Shaun Micheal

An outdoor enthusiast, Coach Shaun has done countless overseas outdoor adventure camps! With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Coach Shaun shares about his adventure every time he comes to the camp. Kids always get excited as they see him at the camps and never stops pestering him for more stories!  

Gerrard Low

Don't be fooled by his soft appearance, this coach is a graduate in Nutrition and Sport Science. He is also an avid triathlete having participated in numerous triathlons and marathon.


A current student striving to attain his degree in Sports Science, Coach Akid commits his time to teach and develop kids at our camps. As a strong believer in the phrase 'knowledge is power', he applies what he has learnt to help kids achieve what they want!

Kai Wen Sheng

With a ton of experience in rock climbing and baseball, Coach Kai loves to teach and develop kids in sports. With an ever positive attitude, Coach Kai is able to bring the best out of any kid that he coach.

Bin Bin

A professional footballer playing in the Singapore Premier League, Coach Bin dedicates his time to help and coach in our kid's camps. Having a  professional background, Coach Bin always leave every kid a strong and important message on how to achieve their dreams of striving to be the best sportsperson that they could be!


The smiling zen master at all our camps, Coach MJ is always patient as he calmly and passionately explains and teaches the kids at our camp. We have received many positive feedbacks about how amazing he is at motivating and inspiring the kids!

Mark Santa Maria

With a love for music and guitar, Coach Mark might never seem to be a coach at a sports camp but with an impeccable attitude, Coach Mark surprises many with his depth of knowledge and his friendly personality. With an Alta meta, he always preaches to people, 'I am an educator and sports is just one of the many tools I use to educate kids'

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