Searching for fun and exciting activities during the holidays to occupy your child? Want to give them a rewarding and fulfilling experience? Look no further than our Multi-sports kids camp! We give kids the opportunity to experience many different sports and garner their interest in being active!


Each camp will be planned and packed with many exciting games and activities as well as a specialised sport of the day. The kids will no have time to stop moving! They will also be taught skills in different sports by professional coaches and their fun will be our topmost priority, gifting them a wonderful memory to carry through their lifetime!

"This camp always makes every game fun and exciting and I have learned to make many friends. The most exciting sports that I like in the camp are football and laser-tag!"

- Abel, 10, Aspiring Footballer


Age Group and Details

* Prices includes a healthy variety of fruits for snack time and a kids camp T-shirt or merchandise.

Our Camp Time Table

Camp Sample Time Table.png

* Time table might vary depending on the activity of the day


Easily accessible outdoor and indoor locations that cater to all our camp activities. Our locations provide vast space for many sports interactions as well as lush green sceneries to take kids away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and modern day technologies. Check out our locations here!


We offer a safe and secure chauffeur service that will ferry your kids to the camp and send them home directly to their doorstep. Our drivers have undergone a stringent selection process and trained to ensure that the kids will have a safe and comfortable ride. We also do group pick-ups and drop-off at selected locations. Find out more here!

Safety and Medical

At the start of each day during the camp, the kids' well-being is first inspected and monitored to ensure that they are fit for the activity of the day. Our coaches and instructors are first-aid, CPR and AED qualified and are able to administer on-site injuries management. We also ensure that our camps are equipped with proper sports first aid kit.

Meals and Snacks

A healthy variety of fruits, biscuits or snack packs will be provided during the camp for snack time as we have a healthier choice policy. If your kids require a special dietary need such as vegetarian, no pork/beef, no dairy products, etc, simply just inform us and we would prepare and cater accordingly.


However, meals will not be provided and parents are expected to prepare for their kids a lunch box. Under any circumstances, if parents are unable to prepare meals, please let us know and we will be happy to assist!

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

If you wish to cancel your registration to the camp, you could do so 30 days before the camp start date and a 100% refund of the amount would be done.  


If cancellation is done nearer to the camp start date, within 30 days before the start date, we would refund only 50% of the amount.  


Transfer of registration to a friend can be done easily. Send us the contact details of the person who will take over your slot at

REFUND ANd MAKE-up policy

In the camp, we do not practice a refund policy. This means that if you were to miss any days in the camps due to sickness, deliberate or non-deliberate absences, refunds will not be given.


However, we will be able to do a make-up session for the missed days in any of our next upcoming camps. You may also choose the day and/or activity that you wish to do that is offered in the upcoming camps. 


The holding period of the make-up is indefinite until the use of the make-up session is applied.

Terms and Conditions / Waiver

Please do note that upon registering to any of Sports excite camps, activities and/or event, you are hereby accepting the agreement in our terms and conditions/waiver.  The terms and conditions/waiver can be found here.

*For more information, please check out our  FAQ page or drop us an email at