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Safety Management

Plans & Procedures

This guidelines are in effect as of 19th August 2021*

As we go through these trying times, we strongly believe that the best way for us to overcome challenges is through teamwork! We look towards these challenges with courage, appreciation, respect, effort and selflessness. These are the C.A.R.E.S values that Singafit believe in and uphold by, the same values that we impart to your kids at our camps. We stand courageously upon the challenge to run our programs while appreciating all your support through these times, respecting the rules and regulations that have been put front by the government, putting in all the effort to abide those rules and regulations and in the end with the hope that we will selflessly provide your kids a fun and memorable experience at the camps!
In the following, you may find how our program will be organised, the action plans we will undergo and a detailed description of how each part of the camp will be observed to ensure a safe, fun and exciting program. Let us all work together to make this camp a successful one!

Sport Singapore’s Guidelines to Running a Sports Program

Singafit will be taking every step to adhere to the sporting advisory and guidelines provided by Sport Singapore as advised by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce for Phase Two. Our coaches are trained and will be briefed daily on every aspect of public health and safety measures to ensure a continued safe environment is present and maintained for everyone at the camp locations. Parents are encouraged to share the following information prior to reaching the camp venue with your children too.


You may view the latest regulations at the following link :,-a-,-Activity

Summarised Guide to Safe Procedures for Sports

Important Points from Sports Singapore Guidelines


Permitted enterprises are responsible to ensure that SMMs are adhered to on their premises.


7. Group Size. Group activities are allowed for up to 5 individuals (including instructor / coach). Indoor unmasked activities will be allowed only where all participants have been fully vaccinated (includes those that have valid PET result / have recovered from COVID-19). If any of the participants is not fully vaccinated, then indoor unmasked activity for that group is prohibited. Please see paragraph 13 for treatment of children aged 12 years old and below.

8. Organised Classes / Programmes. Multiple groups of 5, up to 50 participants (including instructor / coach) or up to the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower, can take place. For indoor unmasked activities, a lower limit of up to 30 participants applies, and all participants have to be fully vaccinated (includes those that have valid PET result / have recovered from COVID-19) for the class/programme to take place. A record of the participants in each grouping is to be maintained to aid contact tracing. To be clear, physical activity of a social nature (that does not involve any instructor / coach) should be kept to a limit of 5 participants.

9. Physical Distancing. While exercising and playing sport, the following physical distancing requirements apply:

a. 2-metre physical distancing between individuals for general physical activities, unless the nature of activity requires the distance to be shortened;
b. 3-metre physical distancing between individuals for indoors high intensity or high movement exercise classes, unless the nature of activity requires the distance to be shortened.

13. Treatment of children aged 12 years old and below (i.e. born in and after 2009) participating in indoor unmasked activities. This age group is currently ineligible for any COVID-19 vaccine under the national vaccination programme. They will be allowed to participate in indoors unmasked classes/programmes/activities, subject to the following provisions:

a. Group of not more than 5 participants, where all children who are aged 12 years and below are from the same household. There can be no multiple groups of 5 participants in an organised class/programme in this situation.
b. Participant(s) in the group who are above 12 years can be from a different household as the children, but must be fully vaccinated (includes those that have valid PET result / have recovered from COVID-19) to be able to be part of the group activity. This could, for instance, be an instructor who is leading the group. The instructor will be required to verify that all children in the group who are 12 years and below are from the same household before the start of the class/programme/activity. To be clear, multiple groups of 5 are not allowed in this situation.

19. From 1 October 2021, the following workforce11 involved in high-risk settings that interact with unmasked clients will be required to be vaccinated:

a. Gyms and fitness studios coaches / trainers / instructors where clients are engaged in unmasked activities.
b. Sport coaches / instructors in sports such as, but not limited to athletics, badminton, basketball, dance, football, swimming, martial art, etc, where trainees are unmasked.

Any unvaccinated workers will have to be tested with an ART kit twice a week. For the small group that remains medically ineligible for vaccines, the Government will subsidise their tests.

20. From 15 July to 30 September 2021, the workforce listed under paragraphs 19 (a) and (b) will continue to be subject to Fast & Easy Testing (FET), at the frequency of once every 14 days. More information on FET for the sport and fitness sector can be found here or through the QR code.

Update (18 Aug 2021): From now till 30 September 2021, all cleaners working in unmasked indoor settings such as gyms and studios and who may be at risk of fomite transmission, will join the workforce listed under paragraphs 19 (a) and (b) for FET once every 14 days. These cleaners will be placed under the “Vaccinate or Regular Test” regime under paragraph 19, from 1 October 2021.

Singafit 3-Step Action Plan on COVID-19

To safeguard the kids, coaches, parents and all personnel involve at out camps, Singafit will observe the 3-Step action plan

Step 1
We have equipped ourselves with hand sanitisers and disinfectants to reduce infections. Sanitisers and disinfectants are readily available at all our camps.

Step 2
If necessary, surgical facial mask, compliant to medical standards, are readily available for all coaches and kids that will be attending our camps

Step 3
Singafit have ensured that all coaches are well versed in our action plan. Kids and coaches alike will always wash their hands after each activity. In a day, the kids will experience almost 10 activities, that's washing their hands at least 10 times! After each wash, they also will be disinfected.

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021).jpg

*Update (18 Aug 2021): As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, the temperature screening requirement will be removed from 19 August 2021.


Responsibility of Parents

We seek the understanding of all parents who will be alighting their kids to our camps. There are 3 major responsibilities for parents to follow in order for us to ensure the safety of all the kids that will be participating at our camps. Also, there are some governmental procedures that you would need to abide in order for you to keep yourself, your kids and all personnel of Singafit safe.

The 3 Responsibilities for the parents are:

1) Download and Support of the TraceTogether Mobile Application

2) SafeEntry Registration of both the venue location and Singafit

3) Parents are not allowed to mingle or interact with any of the group in which your kids are allocated.


The 3rd point will be briefed in the step-by-step basis in the camp itinerary each parent will receive prior to the camp

1) Downloading and Supporting Trace Together App

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021).jpg
Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021)1.jpg
Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021)2.jpg

2) SafeEntry Registration

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021).jpg

Upon arrival at the camp location, there are 2 SafeEntry Registrations that you are required to do.

1) SafeEntry of the Park
- SafeEntry of the Park will be available in the park itself.

2) SafeEntry of Singafit Camps
- SafeEntry of Singafit will be provided at the park as well
- We will also provide it below for your reference

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021)1.jpg

Safety Management of Program Flow


Upon arrival, parents and coaches have to follow our safety management program the is in place for each camp location. This helps us to abide the governmental rule that the group in any sports activity will not be mixed or cross-contaminated in the event of any infections.



Parents Reporting Point



Parents Reporting Point


Parents Reporting Point

*Picture for Tanjong Rhu is for illustration and reference purposes only. Take note the coaches and exact start points will be under the bridge or over at the field depending on the activity of the day.


Parents Reporting Point

*Location subject to slight change based on human traffic to maintain safety distancing. Parents will be informed and guided accordingly should there be any changes

When with the Coaches

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021).jpg


Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021)1.jpg

During the program, the kids will move through different stations and activities. Our ‘Activate Safe Action’ is our procedure to ensure the kids are safe doing the activity, using the equipment and making it safe for the next group.


In line with the guidelines seen above, we will follow the coaching ratio of


With this rule, the kids are pre-divided into groups of up to 4. Each group is assigned before the start of the camp with our maximum capacity of up to 5 groups depending on location. The group names are COURAGE, APPRECIATION, RESPECT, EFFORT and SELFLESSNESS. These names follow our C.A.R.E.S Values.

A rotation format will ensure that all kids are able to do the games, adapted to their age, and to ensure fairness with an enjoyable experience for all!

Example of our rotation table;

Singafit Covid-19 Safety Management Procedures (Updated 19 August 2021).jpg


During each timeslot, the groups will move to their next activity location to do their next activities. Upon arriving at their location, they will observe or ‘Activate Safe Plan’. This is to sanitise the equipment and themselves before beginning the next activity.








With this movement plan, we can expect that no group will be able to interact with the group ahead of them or a group before them. The whole camp with various groups will start at various points and locations.


Picking up the Kids

When picking up your kids, you are only allowed to pick them from the designated parents reporting point of your camp location. When you have arrived, the coaches will release the kids towards you. The coaches is asked not to approach any of the parents to reduce any congregations. We seek your assistance to ensure that you leave the premises as soon as you pick up your child. Also:

1) Please be reminded to check out via TraceTogether for both the parks and Singafit

2) If anything is left behind, please feel free to reach out to us via mobile or through an email and it will be our pleasure to assist


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read through this Covid Safety Management! Rest assured that the Singafit team is doing its utmost best in taking care of you, the kids and all its staff! If there is anything that we might have missed out please do let us know. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and it is our greatest pleasure to assist! Once again, thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to our camps!